Casino Match Betting Can Really Pay – Month Thirty Seven

It seems to happen twice a year for me – i just get an amazing run on casino match betting offers. there is no better month than one where all the stars seem to align and every casino offer you hit seems to bring back a healthy profit. My profits for October were massively boosted this month due to the success of the casino match betting offers i did. In casino offers alone i made £411 profit – which makes it my second best ever casino month since i started match betting. With Octobers success that now takes my profits from just casino offers to £4276.

Because the casino offer success and the usual monthly match betting offers i was able to exceed my monthly target. In total i made £713.69 from match betting activity. I also got a healthy £150 from enhanced odds offers, which is a lot higher than i normally get. I also put a lot more effort in than i do in other months – in total i made 144 betting transactions. My average bet value was just shy of £5 and daily average of £23.79, making it a really efficient month.

My running total monthly profits from match betting are now £18828.55 which means i am now £11,171.45 from my target. Based on the averages over time this means i need to make about 3,000 more bets to get to my £30,000 target.

I feel really motivated at the minute ‘I got gas in the tank, I got money in the bank’ (Killers Reference). With my new found motivation i plan up my monthly targets for November and December. My aim is to hit £20k by the end of 2018 which means i need to exceed my monthly targets by over £100 a month for the next 2 months. Totally doable.

As usual i have updated my monthly profits on my match betting results page. If anyone has any questions (not spam) then please feel free to post below – I will be sure to get back to you and answer any questions you might have. Also, if there is anything else that is worth covering in my monthly match betting roundup then please let me know.

If anyone is interested in taking up match betting then i recommend Profit Accumulator.

Gubbed Match Betting Accounts – Month Thirty One

When you have been match betting for a while you do start to lose accounts. This is generally referred to as a ‘gubbing’ and it’s essentially a bookie saying you are no longer allowed to take up their promotional offers. Gubbed match betting accounts is just part of the process, it will happen to everyone at some point. I remember my first gubbing, i was devastated as i tried hard to make the account look like i was a normal punter (your average betting Joe) but at the end of the day my account must have ended up in a list of potential match better list which results in my account being looked into and eventually future promotions being taken away.

The great news is you can still make good money match betting even if you have lots of gubbed accounts. Over the last 30 months i have managed to lose 14 betting accounts, but there are always new bookies being created and new offers creeping out of the woodwork. You simply need to change you match betting strategies and find new offers and new ways of making money.

I have found price boosts to be equally efficient this month, bringing in a total of £437.49 profit for the month. This meant i wasn’t that far off my £15 a day target, hitting an average of £14.58 per day. I didn’t do as many bets as i should have done, but the ones i made were very efficient. In total i made 84 bets, which meant each bet was worth an average of £5.21 for me in April. Monthly match betting results updated for the month. 

How i made £15k from Match Betting – Month Thirty

Making £15k from match betting feels like a significant milestone for me and i was very pleased to cross that significant point this month. Starting out with just a few hundred pounds 2 years ago, i have now amassed a great return on my investment. Funnily enough i still have to explain to my wife how i made £15k from match betting – and i’m pretty sure she still doesn’t fully understand it. I’m not sure she ever will. But that’s OK.

Cheltenham time again, but I’m definitely not making the profits like i used to in these events. The reason why I didn’t do as well in this years Cheltenham festival is because i no longer have accounts with Bet 365, Ladbrokes, Sky and Coral – and these are essentially the best accounts for horse refunds and extra place offers.

In the 2 years pervious i booked the 4 days of Cheltenham Festival off work so i could spend maximum time match betting. However, this year i decided it wasn’t worh is as i wouldn’t be able to get as efficient profits for the time. Instead i changed my approach and literally hit as many price boosts and offers with the accounts i still have access to.

This month i made £330.35 from my match betting activity. This means i averaged an £11 per day profit. Upon reflection i could have placed more bets, as 98 isn’t that many for any month let alone on that has the biggest horse racing festival in the UK within it.

Monthly match betting results updated for the month.

Working Away Makes it Hard to Play – Month Twenty Nine


So that really wasn’t the best start of the year for my match betting goals as last month was a challenge and February was too. In fact it was one of my worst months since i started 2 and a half years ago. But things happen and life gets in the way. In this case it was work that got in the way of my match betting opportunities. Unfortunately i was working away, out of the country. And anyone who does match betting knows that you can’t always access betting sites when outside the UK.

This month i only managed to make 89 betting transactions which is pretty low. To make things worse, i didn’t even manage to make much per transactions, making only £1.65 on average. As a result this meant my total monthly profits for January were only £146.60 and an all time daily low average of £4.89.

Monthly match betting results updated.

New Year New Strategy – Month Twenty Eight

So the New Year resolution for my match betting activity was to get back to the £500 plus per month target. I started the year with great intentions and hit as many offers as i could possibly find. However, the effort didn’t seem to translate into profit, therefore making it a relatively inefficient month. In total i made 221 bets throughout the month, which is significantly up on my normal activity. But making an average of £1.60 meant the monthly profits only came out at £353.07 which is way off what i would have expected from that amount of effort. I would typically expect to make around £600 to £700 from that amount of bets in a typical month.  

Next month offers a new opportunity to make some more profit and i will focus my efforts on increased volume of match betting activity and try not to overthink the offers I’m doing.

Monthly betting results from match betting updated.

Hitting The Bulls-eye Twice – Month Twenty Seven


Christmas came early for me in December. I literally hit the bulls-eye twice with two decent casino results. I always find casino match betting offers are either break even over the month with £30 profit or pretty huge with £100-£200 wins. Fortunately for me December had 2 brilliant results with a total profit of £370 from casino offers for the month.

With casino match betting offers there is an element of luck. However, as long as you are always doing offers with a positive value then in theory you will make money over time. When match betters talk about casino offers with value, what they actually mean is:

Based on the maths and RTP (return to player) value and taking into account the bonus requirements are you going to theoretically make a profit. If yes, then the offer is EV+ on in simple terms, positive value to the match better. The good news is, when you first start out with match betting all of these calculations are done for you by the good guys at Profit Accumulator. (this is what your paying your subscription for)    

So my Christmas present for the final month in the year was a £681.31 monthly profit. This means i averaged £22.71 per day for the month and made a higher than normal average of £4.90 per bet. The higher than average monthly profit per bet is due to the average being pulled up by the two decent casino wins. In total i made 139 bets in December.

Next month is the new year and the new year means New Year Resolutions. Mine is pretty straightforward when it comes to match betting. My plan is to keep making an average of £500 a month and do that in as little time as possible. Match betting results have been updated as usual. 

Back to Match Betting Basics – Month Twenty Six

Sticking to the basics and putting the time in definitely brings the profits home. I have been reflecting a lot recently, and the most simple rule i can come to for match betting is this:

Hit as many offers as possible and only do offers with positive value.

It is so easy to start getting picky with offers. Telling yourself there is no point in doing that price boost offer to make £1.50. But at the end of the day that offer takes less than a minute to do, so why not just do it and move onto the next offer. Overthinking match betting seems to hold you back.

My plan for November was to reignite my energy for match betting and get back to the target of £500 a month and try to stick to that.  So on average i have made £16.93 per day and an average of £3.19 made per bet over 159 bets. So it wasn’t the most efficient month, but the hard work paid off.

Monthly match betting results updated.

Getting use to a new Job – Month Twenty Five

I have worked in the same job for the last 8 years, so when i decided to move on to somewhere else, i knew it would come with some challenges. The main challenge i faced with my recent move was a significant increase in my commute time, as well as the obvious new company stuff. So going into the month i knew there would be an impact on my match betting profits for the month.

As i am using the train a few times each week for around 45 minutes at a time, i figured i could use that dead time for match betting. So when i get home for the evening i can get on with my main job, being a dad.

October was my first month in my new job at my new company, so whilst getting use to it i did a lot less betting in the month. To be exact i only did 60 bets in total but still managed to make £225.14 for the month which is about £7.50 made per day meaning every bet i made was worth £3.75.

So i managed to make a fairly decent profit for the month. It would have been nicer to get close to 400/500 mark though. Next month i will have a bit of a push to get back to that £500 a month target.

I have updated my match betting results with this months activity.

Match Betting Birthday – Month Twenty Four

The end of September marks my two year anniversary of match betting. So far i have made £11,288.29 match betting, which is pretty awesome when i consider i started match betting with £200 in my bank account. The reason i keep so much data on my match betting transactions and write a blog is because it helps remind me where i was previously vs where i am today. Sure we all want to make a bit more, and make it with minimum effort. But to be honest, sacrificing 15-30 minutes a day over 2 years for £11k is a pretty good trade of time.

Looking at the last two years i can say i made an average of £15.46 per day. I hope i can continue this going forward, maybe even try to get a few more months back to that £1000 mark.

For September i made £384.41 at an average of £4.52 per transaction over 85 bets. I should have tried to do more bets in September and hit some of the more niche offers out there. Saying that, i still managed to make an average of £12.81 per day.

I will start a new job in October, so i expect next months match betting results to be significantly down on my monthly target.  

Match betting results updated for the month.

Casino Match Betting Offers Payout – Month Twenty Three


A good run on the Casinos always results in a good months profits and this month was no exception. For me Casino offers tend to bring in a really decent return for the month or just about break even. Since starting match betting casino offers i have only had one negative month where casino offers have actually cost me, and even then it was only -£10 or so. This month however has been exceptional for me due to two amazing results from a Ladbrokes casino offer. The offer was pretty straight forward, bet £20 on the casino and get £10 every day for a week. As the offer was every day i decided to do it every day and my slot of choice was Batman vs Joke (a personal favorite of mine due to the bonus round). Amazingly i had not one, not two but three brilliant wins on this offer over the week.  As a result of this casino offer alone i was able to make £671.62.

Due to the big casino wins my monthly total exceeded all expectations at £1055.09 made for the month. This meant my daily profit was £35.17 making £7.59 made per bet / offer over 139 transactions / bets.

Monthly match betting results updated as usual.

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