Monthly Match Betting Roundup

Working Away Makes it Hard to Play – Month Twenty Nine


So that really wasn’t the best start of the year for my match betting goals as last month was a challenge and February was too. In fact it was one of my worst months since i started 2 and a half years ago. But things happen and life gets in the way. In this case it was work that got in the way of my match betting opportunities. Unfortunately i was working away, out of the country. And anyone who does match betting knows that you can’t always access betting sites when outside the UK.

This month i only managed to make 89 betting transactions which is pretty low. To make things worse, i didn’t even manage to make much per transactions, making only £1.65 on average. As a result this meant my total monthly profits for January were only £146.60 and an all time daily low average of £4.89.

Monthly match betting results updated.

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