Monthly Match Betting Roundup

Getting use to a new Job – Month Twenty Five

I have worked in the same job for the last 8 years, so when i decided to move on to somewhere else, i knew it would come with some challenges. The main challenge i faced with my recent move was a significant increase in my commute time, as well as the obvious new company stuff. So going into the month i knew there would be an impact on my match betting profits for the month.

As i am using the train a few times each week for around 45 minutes at a time, i figured i could use that dead time for match betting. So when i get home for the evening i can get on with my main job, being a dad.

October was my first month in my new job at my new company, so whilst getting use to it i did a lot less betting in the month. To be exact i only did 60 bets in total but still managed to make £225.14 for the month which is about £7.50 made per day meaning every bet i made was worth £3.75.

So i managed to make a fairly decent profit for the month. It would have been nicer to get close to 400/500 mark though. Next month i will have a bit of a push to get back to that £500 a month target.

I have updated my match betting results with this months activity.

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