Monthly Match Betting Roundup

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Sticking to the basics and putting the time in definitely brings the profits home. I have been reflecting a lot recently, and the most simple rule i can come to for match betting is this:

Hit as many offers as possible and only do offers with positive value.

It is so easy to start getting picky with offers. Telling yourself there is no point in doing that price boost offer to make £1.50. But at the end of the day that offer takes less than a minute to do, so why not just do it and move onto the next offer. Overthinking match betting seems to hold you back.

My plan for November was to reignite my energy for match betting and get back to the target of £500 a month and try to stick to that.  So on average i have made £16.93 per day and an average of £3.19 made per bet over 159 bets. So it wasn’t the most efficient month, but the hard work paid off.

Monthly match betting results updated.

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