Monthly Match Betting Roundup

New Year New Strategy – Month Twenty Eight

So the New Year resolution for my match betting activity was to get back to the £500 plus per month target. I started the year with great intentions and hit as many offers as i could possibly find. However, the effort didn’t seem to translate into profit, therefore making it a relatively inefficient month. In total i made 221 bets throughout the month, which is significantly up on my normal activity. But making an average of £1.60 meant the monthly profits only came out at £353.07 which is way off what i would have expected from that amount of effort. I would typically expect to make around £600 to £700 from that amount of bets in a typical month.  

Next month offers a new opportunity to make some more profit and i will focus my efforts on increased volume of match betting activity and try not to overthink the offers I’m doing.

Monthly betting results from match betting updated.

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