Monthly Match Betting Roundup

Gubbed Match Betting Accounts – Month Thirty One

When you have been match betting for a while you do start to lose accounts. This is generally referred to as a ‘gubbing’ and it’s essentially a bookie saying you are no longer allowed to take up their promotional offers. Gubbed match betting accounts is just part of the process, it will happen to everyone at some point. I remember my first gubbing, i was devastated as i tried hard to make the account look like i was a normal punter (your average betting Joe) but at the end of the day my account must have ended up in a list of potential match better list which results in my account being looked into and eventually future promotions being taken away.

The great news is you can still make good money match betting even if you have lots of gubbed accounts. Over the last 30 months i have managed to lose 14 betting accounts, but there are always new bookies being created and new offers creeping out of the woodwork. You simply need to change you match betting strategies and find new offers and new ways of making money.

I have found price boosts to be equally efficient this month, bringing in a total of £437.49 profit for the month. This meant i wasn’t that far off my £15 a day target, hitting an average of £14.58 per day. I didn’t do as many bets as i should have done, but the ones i made were very efficient. In total i made 84 bets, which meant each bet was worth an average of £5.21 for me in April. Monthly match betting results updated for the month. 

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    1. Hi David, Thanks for the comment. Yes there are loads of bookies to open accounts with and new ones cropping up all the time. Over the 3 years i have opened accounts with other 100 betting companies – there are many that open up and even those that close down. Within a 18 month spell Sun Bets came out of nowhere and then they closed down – but in that time i made around £350 profit. It’s just part of the process. Also, if you are worries about losing accounts, you can protect them for a bit longer by doing mug bets – this is essentially a process of making normal punter looking bets (back and laying them of course).

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