Monthly Match Betting Roundup

Hitting The Bulls-eye Twice – Month Twenty Seven


Christmas came early for me in December. I literally hit the bulls-eye twice with two decent casino results. I always find casino match betting offers are either break even over the month with £30 profit or pretty huge with £100-£200 wins. Fortunately for me December had 2 brilliant results with a total profit of £370 from casino offers for the month.

With casino match betting offers there is an element of luck. However, as long as you are always doing offers with a positive value then in theory you will make money over time. When match betters talk about casino offers with value, what they actually mean is:

Based on the maths and RTP (return to player) value and taking into account the bonus requirements are you going to theoretically make a profit. If yes, then the offer is EV+ on in simple terms, positive value to the match better. The good news is, when you first start out with match betting all of these calculations are done for you by the good guys at Profit Accumulator. (this is what your paying your subscription for)    

So my Christmas present for the final month in the year was a £681.31 monthly profit. This means i averaged £22.71 per day for the month and made a higher than normal average of £4.90 per bet. The higher than average monthly profit per bet is due to the average being pulled up by the two decent casino wins. In total i made 139 bets in December.

Next month is the new year and the new year means New Year Resolutions. Mine is pretty straightforward when it comes to match betting. My plan is to keep making an average of £500 a month and do that in as little time as possible. Match betting results have been updated as usual. 

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