Monthly Match Betting Roundup

Casino Match Betting Can Really Pay – Month Thirty Seven

It seems to happen twice a year for me – i just get an amazing run on casino match betting offers. there is no better month than one where all the stars seem to align and every casino offer you hit seems to bring back a healthy profit. My profits for October were massively boosted this month due to the success of the casino match betting offers i did. In casino offers alone i made £411 profit – which makes it my second best ever casino month since i started match betting. With Octobers success that now takes my profits from just casino offers to £4276.

Because the casino offer success and the usual monthly match betting offers i was able to exceed my monthly target. In total i made £713.69 from match betting activity. I also got a healthy £150 from enhanced odds offers, which is a lot higher than i normally get. I also put a lot more effort in than i do in other months – in total i made 144 betting transactions. My average bet value was just shy of £5 and daily average of £23.79, making it a really efficient month.

My running total monthly profits from match betting are now £18828.55 which means i am now £11,171.45 from my target. Based on the averages over time this means i need to make about 3,000 more bets to get to my £30,000 target.

I feel really motivated at the minute ‘I got gas in the tank, I got money in the bank’ (Killers Reference). With my new found motivation i plan up my monthly targets for November and December. My aim is to hit £20k by the end of 2018 which means i need to exceed my monthly targets by over £100 a month for the next 2 months. Totally doable.

As usual i have updated my monthly profits on my match betting results page. If anyone has any questions (not spam) then please feel free to post below – I will be sure to get back to you and answer any questions you might have. Also, if there is anything else that is worth covering in my monthly match betting roundup then please let me know.

If anyone is interested in taking up match betting then i recommend Profit Accumulator.

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