Monthly Match Betting Roundup

Casino Match Betting Offers Payout – Month Twenty Three


A good run on the Casinos always results in a good months profits and this month was no exception. For me Casino offers tend to bring in a really decent return for the month or just about break even. Since starting match betting casino offers i have only had one negative month where casino offers have actually cost me, and even then it was only -£10 or so. This month however has been exceptional for me due to two amazing results from a Ladbrokes casino offer. The offer was pretty straight forward, bet £20 on the casino and get £10 every day for a week. As the offer was every day i decided to do it every day and my slot of choice was Batman vs Joke (a personal favorite of mine due to the bonus round). Amazingly i had not one, not two but three brilliant wins on this offer over the week.  As a result of this casino offer alone i was able to make £671.62.

Due to the big casino wins my monthly total exceeded all expectations at £1055.09 made for the month. This meant my daily profit was £35.17 making £7.59 made per bet / offer over 139 transactions / bets.

Monthly match betting results updated as usual.

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